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I’m Naomi, and I’m its solo creator and lover of the humble shack.

Pictured here with my dingy and shack, whom once belonged to my Nan, locally referred to as “MissPat”, of which my beloved dingy is named.


I grew up here by the bay off grid.


Shacklife can mean different things to different people. To the special some it means family, memories, lifelong friendships, community. It can hold your childhood summers, your Pa's craftsmanship, your Nans knowledge of living simply, be a place of shelter, celebration or just a quiet space to ‘be’. 


Or it can just be safe shelter from this crazy world.


Whether you grew up with shacklife in your blood or are a new lover of the beautiful simple life. I’m here to guide, inspire and protect those beloved sacred spaces, so many call home from home.


So here is the result, the Tasmanian Shacklife website, a platform of originals, shack stories and unique shack stays, and just a way to connect to Shacklife.


Thanks for visiting and I hope you relish in what is so beautifully honest about the place I call home. 

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