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LOCATION : Eaglehawk Neck

Images c/o The Stand Alone


Our cabin is a sanctuary where forest meets the sea, a quiet place for communion and reconnection with nature. Amid the salty air and birdsong, our bed looks to the trees and a deep bath with unlimited hot water. Humble living in luxury, the wood stove keeps things cozy and Belgian cushions are perfect for sprawling out in the evenings.

Located in sleepy Lufra Cove, a magical corner of Eaglehawk Neck.


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The Stand Alone was built 30 years ago and the owners at that time believed this land to be a place of great spiritual energy. Our guests regularly remark that they feel strangely calm, at peace and connected with nature during their stay.

Our rejuvenation of the cabin has taken years, it has brought us great craftsmen, friendships, adventures and a treasure trove of discoveries you'll find in the space.


The deep bath and shower are entirely outside, floating above the forest floor and creating the perfect opportunity to luxuriate in nature.


A giant string hammock swings gently in the trees below The Stand Alone, we love to take a blanket down with a good book or just our thoughts for company.



The property is all yours to enjoy and feels very private thanks to the wild forest and a tall privacy screen surrounding it. A private driveway and parking area means you can come and go as you please.


Our sprawling street and it's residents are mostly quiet though sometimes you'll hear a neighbour calling to their dog or a chainsaw off in the distance.


A path runs almost directly from the cabin down to the beach below.

It's a great spot for a morning coffee or an evening wine.


Lufra Cove is shouldered by Clyde island on one side and iconic Tesselated Pavement on the other. It's the less busy of the beaches around these parts and a perfect place to snorkel or swim, surf the reef, forage, cast a fishing line, collect shells or simply go for a walk, enjoy a rope-swing or sit for a picnic.

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