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LOCATION : Falmouth, East Coast TAS

Images c/o @whalesongshack


Experience the rambling stone paths, drystone walls and rough sawn timber layered with love from many years past. Originally built by a local fisherman in the 1980’s you can now enjoy extensive private decks and the front row firepit with a view across the infinite ocean.

Watch whales migrate, yachts passby, gannets dive for fish as fishing boats haul their catch whilst Pacific gulls glide, perch on the rocky reef and call their sweetest sound. With a drink in hand wrap yourself in a blanket and curl up by the fire, tell stories, watch the moon rise as you gaze infinitely on the restorative ocean as the glow of the day transforms to the inky black of night. Let the immersive sound of the waves transport your mind away and restore your connection to self and nature. This is a place where dreams are shared and created.

Fall easily into your lush, cosy bed and enjoy the intoxicating sound of the ocean as you are lulled to sleep or gently raised from your dreams with the rise of the glowing dawn.Let the sunrise softly wake you or the moon shine tempt you to explore the darkness under infinite stars and deafening silence. If you’re lucky you may even see a whale breach by the glow of the golden moonlight. Enjoy local produce collected from your travels or fresh bounty from the sea, as you cook, sing, laugh from the renovated kitchen. Play a favourite record to reconnect you to memory of times past, or simply watch the sun dance on the ocean as you sit in peace.

Whale song is an escape on the edge of the ocean where pacific gulls call and the roar of the ocean fills the air.

Our little shack is a sanctuary of peace and calm, perfectly suited for 2. Whale Song can accommodate up to two extra guests upon request.

Located in the sleepy hamlet of Falmouth, a stunning, secluded part of the East Coast of Tasmania.

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