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Bushy Summers | Strahan

LOCATION : Strahan


Images c/o Bushy Summers

Bushy Summers has been designed purely to nurture you and feed your creative soul.

Resting on the shores of Lettes Bay, Tasmania, our shack is simple and cosy with stunning views of the bay to help you unwind and feel inspired, as you disconnect in nature and reconnect to self.

The space

Feel nurtured at Bushy Summers.

Your day will gently unfold as you wake up to the sound of birdsong or the quack o the resident ducks as they wander up and down the bay expecting something delicious to be thrown their way.

Nurture your mind:

Completely relax as you curl up with a pot of tea and book in the comfy double bed, or soak in the luxurious cast iron claw foot bath and glimpse the gum tree tops.

Nurture your body:

Cook your favourite meal in our simple, little kitchen or take a long stroll along the shoreline and explore nature.

Nurture your soul:

Sit out on the deck with a glass of Tasmanian wine and read, write, paint, make... feel inspired.

This is truly a magical place, and the perfect retreat for one to two people.


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