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Rocky Hills Retreat | Rocky Hills

LOCATION : Rocky Hills, Swansea


Images c/o- Rocky Hills

A multi-award winning luxury hideaway for two, secluded in the privacy of 250 acres of beautiful Tasmanian bush. Immerse yourself in the Huon Pine bath under the stars and soak up the views of Freycinet Peninsula, Maria Island and the biblical East Coast sunsets.

Even though Rocky Hills Retreat is just two kilometres up a gravelly driveway it feels like a million miles away. Once you pass through the Rocky Hills’ stone gates the 250 acres of dry sclerophyll bush close around you.

The rhythm of the Retreat starts with the ever-changing glorious pre-dawn light - sit out on the morning deck to breathe in its full depth. With breakfast provisions provided, you can enjoy muesli with yoghurt, fresh fruit or eggs and bacon if you wish.

How you spend your day at the Retreat will no doubt be all about your mood. Whatever takes your fancy, nowhere to be, nothing to do. How rare!

The beautiful Huon Pine bath tub out on the evening deck smells delightful and holds its warmth for a long time - we have not been out in less than an hour. It takes about 30 minutes to fill, so start it early enough so as not to miss the sunset. A glass of complimentary sparkling and into the warm bath – it really is heaven. The owls and possums will keep you company.

Rocky Hills Retreat’s bed will be waiting for you. It is lush – layers of comfort surrounding you.

If it is cold you could put on the jackets, boots and gloves that are in the laundry and walk up to the art studio. There you will find lots to do – draw, paint, sculpt, knit, read, and play. It is endless. Or simply do nothing – just sit.

You could always lift the veil of Rocky Hills Retreat and go back to the other world and visit the delights of Swansea and the Freycinet Peninsula - however, it seems as though people just never want to leave.


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