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Whitehouse Tasmania | Boat Harbour Beach

LOCATION : Boat Harbour Beach


Images c/o-White House Tasmania


is a stylish coastal escape overlooking one of the top 10 beaches in Australia where pristine white sand and aqua blue ocean is on your doorstep. Our private beach house and garden is in the stunning the coastal hamlet of Boat Harbour Beach. Our house is illuminated by natural light, creating a welcoming, uplifting and very beautiful space with panoramic views of the beach and natural surroundings. The sunrise is intoxicating, and the dusk sky casts a pastel hue over the ocean. Magnificent in every season, the WHITE HOUSE is a simple. stylish coastal retreat perfect for a relaxing summer holiday and winter escape. The beautiful north, northeast-facing aspect brings sunshine all year into the house, garden, balcony, and terrace areas. The open-plan layout assures breathtaking views, and no matter how often you see them or how much of the day you spend there, you just don’t want to leave. Originally built in the 1950’s; the mid-century modern charm is retained and enhanced by our luxurious coastal style to make your stay an unforgettable experience. With the world-famous Table Cape Tulip Festival imminent, our place 10 minutes away would make a wounder base.


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