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Lettes Bay Shack

In the words of owner Vonda...

I have always believed in fate, and the story of how we found our shack is testament to that. It was really just a matter of being in the right place at the right time, striking up a conversation with the right person and making a phone call at the right time.

I think special places choose their custodians, it has always been this way with every property we have ever owned, the dots just line up and you know it’s right.

Our little shack didn’t look the way it does now when we bought it, but after two years and a labour of love we have managed to restore a shack that pays homage to the history of the bay and the original shacks that lined its shore. It’s great to now enjoy the finished product but we have some very fond memories of the journey to getting to this point.

When we first took over, you could see daylight through the cracks in the floorboards. Some days during winter the wind would howl through the floor as we huddled around a camp stove to cook dinner, amongst the building materials and debris. At one point when we had ripped the bathroom out we had to go behind a curtain to go to the loo, we often laugh about that now.

We became friends with another couple also renovating their shack at the other end of the bay and we would meet most evenings to share a meal and a wine and discuss our progress and plans for the following day.

Today our little shack is simple but comfortable and it's our escape from our crazy day to day lives. It’s the only place we completely relax. We never want to leave and often find ways to justify cancelling "that meeting" or postponing "that project” to stay another night. It’s a place that we selfishly don’t want to share with the world, it’s definitely a 'just us' place.


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