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The Humpy

Katy's parent's bush shack is affectionately know as "The Humpy"

In the words of Katy...

"My parents bought 500 acres in the middle of Tassie (my Dad is secretive about it haha) because my Dad is most at peace among the trees.

Originally, they just took up an old caravan which is still there, but eventually my brothers, Dad and Uncle built the little shack out of timber and tin. One of my brothers passed away unexpectedly in May this year and this place has become even more special to us all as he is everywhere in the construction and soul of the place. It has a sink with a gravity-fed tap, a beautiful old wood heater, home-made cupboards with mismatched crockery, a section for Mum and Dad to sleep, plus another bed in the living area and sleeping space in the caravan outside.

There is a camp shower and a recently-installed LUXURIOUS flushing toilet that we are all so grateful for haha. More container-like sections are currently being prepared to transport there and install bunk beds so there is enough room for all of us to go and sleep up there.

There's only reception on one part of the 500 acres where Mum and Dad will go when they are there to check in with us once every day or so.

Life is so simple up there.

The kids play in mud and go exploring, we have barbecues and sit around the fire.

We talk.

To be completely honest, I much prefer the beach if I had a choice, but there is still something magic about this place.


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