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Carlton Classic

In the words of Amanda...

There’s just something special about vertical board shacks. Perhaps it’s the lines connecting the earth to the sky that somehow create a piece of wild magic. Tassie is riddled with these little gems, usually leftovers from carefree summers of the forties and fifties. Catching sight of one can somehow make a myriad of cares melt away.

This one’s huddled a stones throw from Park Beach. It diligently served as a family hideaway for decades and has only changed hands once. Purchased five years ago by a local family who fell instantly in love with its quintessential rustic charm and solid bones, the story of carefree summer memories continues. Now a beloved summer escape to a Hobart couple and their teenage boys, this two bedroom beach cottage has all its hallmarks firmly in tact.

Oak floorboards that welcome sandy feet, thin panes of glass that rattle when a southerly blows, and a sun drenched deck where wet towels are strewn. Time here is lost in long afternoons immersed in the surf and lazy evenings flicking through a treasured collection of old magazines. A basket of books penned by local authors sits in one corner, a new one ritually added every year.

Old friends are welcomed for endless barbecues that stretch into the night. Nestled safely out of reach of the sea breeze, they bring seafood delights and linger over chilled bottles of wine. The year is dissected and time stands still as families reflect on life and its wonders. Perhaps a fire is lit. Singing is usually involved at some point, often to the bemusement of the resident tawny frogmouth.

Teenager mates ditch their surfboards and pile into the tent village before them. They laugh into the night before falling asleep exhausted to the sound of the waves. Away from wifi, phones and technology.



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